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Another "inconvenient truth" more guns = less crime.

I can't use the S word on here sadly, but big city Mayors like Bloomberg, Rham and co and their Bureaucratic minions view all firearms as a "threat" to what they stand for.

Big city politicians and their kind view any possible mechanism or tool that allows someone to resist their societal goals as a "threat". Individualism and self-reliance are a threat to the system they have built.

In reality the only "threat" most of these weapons will ever pose to LAPD officers is if they start kicking in doors to confiscate firearms or engage in rampant abuse of otherwise law abiding citizens.

Go back and look at the history of gun control in California, a lot of it stems from the black panthers and other "leftist" groups arming themselves in the 60's and 70's so they could defend themselves against Government abuses.
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