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Hi guys, first post here...
CCW with a cap and ball? Sure I've done it before, not as much recently as I used to. I carry at work so I stick to the 1911 auto loader there, but when I'm out on my own time, sometimes I'll pack the 5.5in 1858 Remington 44 cal, (shorty). Every gun has its advantages and limitations and as long as you're aware of what those are, you can work within whatever boundaries that are set by those advantages and limitations.

Percussion revolvers can be loaded to pack a nice punch, but you're slow on reloads...or limited to however many spare cylinders you can fit in your pocket. BP guns tend to be a little harder to conceal than a 45 auto, I need a button up flannel shirt or coat to be able to cover the weapon so that it doesn't print. That limits me to cooler weather if I decide I want to carry the Remington. The law doesn't tell me what gun I must carry, or that I can't carry a C&B gun. I know some ppl who carry a 25 auto...go figure, I'd just as soon throw rocks if all I had was a 25.
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