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New CBS News item about CA gun sales; LAPD...

I just read over a news article; about the state of CA having record gun sales & an overall DROP in statewide gun violence/medical care related to firearms.
1,000s of new guns(many semi auto pistols & rifles) were purchased through FFL holders & gun shops in CA. They had a drop in crime related to firearms too.

What irks me is the remarks by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck; I'm not happy with it. All these guns are what my officers have to face on the street.

So, if I understand it, ALL firearms legally purchased in CA are somehow a "threat" to the LAPD? Or is it that all CA residents who buy guns & follow the law want to harm the sworn officers of the LAPD?
Chief Beck should explain what he meant. If I was a LA resident(tax-payer) & owned a firearm, I'd be insulted.
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