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It's an M&P.....if you can at least get a good deal out of it, by that I mean what ever a good price for a used one was six months ago...and you don't want the thing anymore, then sell it. If someone offers you MORE than good price, and you don't want it anymore....go for it full throttle.

The two things I understand the least right now:

#1 the assumption that since pretty much every dealer is taking advantage of people, that the the gun you have now is "worth" any more than what is was when you bought it.....they aren't. Hey I'm all for getting what you can. If someone offered me $100 more than the "book" value for a gun....sure. But I'm not going to do the whole "I have it, you don't and cant get it right now else where due to fear buying....How much cash do you have and your car keys" stuff.

#2 Why in the heck is everyone acting like what ever is being pushed for is a done deal?!

Sorry there is really three

#3 Also why is everybody under the assumption, that any new Ban or law abiding citizen control act will be ANYTHING like the previous ones? They WON'T. It was proven, studied, admitted, undeniable FACT that the '94 Clinton AWB did NOTHING to reduce gun crime. Therefor, they will most likely go for all or nothing on a complete ban, and use the results from the previous one as motive that these "killing machines" must be completely removed from society to magically stop all "gun violence".. If they get it through they will most likely tell you to shuffle into line and drop them in a dumpster...with HEAVY fines and or prison sentences if you don't. It's happened everywhere else in the world....don't assume it won't here.
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