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I'm in SE KS and was at my LGS last night and they had 20 + ARs sitting on the shelves and a huge stock of 5.56 ammo and 223 ammo
Care to list the town? I'd drive 3 hours for that. I'm in NE Kansas and haven't seen 5.56 or 9 mm at any store for 20 miles for 4 weeks. I've checked 3 locals, 2 pawn shops, and the usual Walmart/farm stores. Even Orschleins was cleaned out. There's a little high end 22LR left (like Eley) but no bulk packs or even Wolf Match.

Stopped into Walmart yesterday to see if anything had been restocked. It hasn't. They did have some 45Auto at $20/50 and I bought a bit; got to have something to shoot without breaking into the stash!
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