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are you guys buying these spendy 22 bolt guns ???

Honestly... I had a hard time justifying the bolt action price of a Ruger 77 22 Hornet that I reciently bought new ( or any similarly priced gun, really ) ... however, lately I've been wanting a bolt action 22 RFM, & noticed that several of the 22 lr bolt guns cost about the same as what I paid for the Hornet... are you guys buying these rifles at this price ???

I have a pretty nicely outfitted 10-22 ( laminated thumbhole stock, Tech sights, etc.... not "tactikool", but plenty accurate ) that shoots nice, & I don't have but a fraction of the cost of a Ruger 77-22 in 22lr...

I could see buying a new bolt gun, but at those costs, I think I'll just start shooting my old CZ bolt action 22 lr more if I start getting the itch... is there some way to justify the cost of the bolt gun, over a lightly modded cheap ol 10-22

... & how about options for low to mid priced bolt action 22 mag ??? ( would prefer a box mag, to the tube mag models )
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