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Wandering off topic a bit....

My buddy's old man has a couple 59's. I think it's S&W's best pistol. That is until they started making 1911's.
But you completely skipped over the 3rd Generation metal S&W pistols, which I have a high regard for. I would not buy the Model 59 since it is from the days when S&W was still optimizing the trigger etc.

The equivalent to the Model 59 would be the 3rd Gen Model 5903 for aluminum frame and 5906 for steel frame. Great guns. I hope to find a slightly used 3903 someday as I don't mind single-stack guns.

For the OP, do not pass up the chance to look at slightly used 3914 (single-stack) or 6904 (double-stack) compact pistols. They have the same safety-on-slide design as the Beretta.

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