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Is the 1:7" twist the man attraction of the current platform?...the bolt assist?...or?
1:7" is nice for shooting the 75-77gr open tip match (OTM) loads, which I shoot quite a bit of. I think the military went to 1:7" for the M856 tracer, which is quite a long projectile, and it came in handy later when Mk262 (77gr OTM), Optimized 70gr TSX, and other long projectiles came into use.

The forward assist has plusses and minuses. It can be used to be sure the bolt is fully in battery after a chamber check. It can also be used to cram a damaged or out of spec round into the chamber when that round should really be shucked out and discarded.

The original post had to do with a purpose built AR. What is the relevance to RFI (Ready For Issue), off the rack rifles?
The rifle in question is essentially a semiauto Colt M16A4 (used mostly by the Marines), but I understand that its performance is not unusual when compared to other Colt products and other ARs from quality manufacturers. If you get something in the milspec or better ballpark, you seem to be able to expect nearly flawless performance if you lubricate your rifle and stay away from steel-cased ammunition.
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