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New Coyote call and Hunter

I am just so excited about this I've got to post my story. My grandson and I, who do a bit of hunting together, decided we want to learn to call coyotes and hunt them. He bought this call made out of a type deer/elk antler. We have gone out twice in the recent 10 days. First time, we seemed to call in a fairly large size herd of deer. Next time out we seemed to call in a large gaggle of Geese. No coyotes. I decided I needed some practice. I went for a little ride, we live in the country, and was looking over my quarter section I have put in the crp program. I decided to take my .22 revolver and walked about a quarter mile away to the side of a hill with the sun at my back and a panaramic view of about 180 degrees. I sat down, took out the coyote call I had bought. I think it is a Faulk's or something like that. I gave a couple short blasts, then I put a lot of pressure on it and moving my hand rapidly over it. I made what I would like to think was the sound of a jack rabbit with his neck in the grip of some predator. This whole deal was less than thirty seconds. I then just sat back kinda gazing at the landscape and there was a deer in my crp just standing watching me. I got to looking at her and lo and behold here comes a coyote bounding my way. He stopped and sat and just watched me, I guess, for several long seconds. At this point he would have been easy pickens for a scoped .223. I guess he was about 100 yards away. I sat still, he came again, at about 100 feet, he kinda streched, took a crap, gave me a look and kept on coming. At about 40 or 50 feet I was feeling a bit like an injured rabbit and I shot my pistol just to scare him off. It was awesome. He/she was a good lookin coyote. I can't waite to tell my grandson.
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