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I think the White House is beginning to realize that any gun control legislation is going to become mired in Congress, and are beginning to abandon that approach in favor of the "quick fix" of an EO. The question is what can Obama do via EO, for now I have heard talk of EOs to strengthen NICS checks, force states to send mental health records to NICS, track gun transfers through a database (sounds like registration), and stiffen penalties for those carrying guns in school no gun zones (idiots). I suppose it is possible he may try to stop imports of guns and ammunition.

However, Obama has grown increasingly imperial-sounding in his tone since the Fiscal Cliff Postponement with pronouncements that he is through debating the debt ceiling, etc. and I could see him issuing some royal and far-reaching EO that while illegal and could be challenged, will be a direct declaration of war against law-abiding gun owners.
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