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For carbon, Ed's Red isn't particularly better than other petroleum based cleaners, as mentioned in this article. I made a gallon of it one time and when I left 1911 parts sitting in it for a month, a lot of graphite and carbon did fall the bottom. If you use it while the carbon is fresh and warm, it does a lot better.

On another board a fellow had a conversation with a chemist who makes the KG-1 carbon remover and he said it lasts and is indefinitely reusable. It certainly works better than Ed's Red. You just have to run it through a filter periodically to get the carbon solids out. I expect the same will be true of Boretech C4 Carbon Remover. I've had good luck with the Slip 2000 Carbon Killer, but it lacks the corrosion inhibitors in the other two products I just mentioned, so you can't let it dry out in the barrel.

Gunzilla, if you are not trying to clean too fast, will also loosen the carbon well.
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