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Sorry, but I'm not comfortable suggesting the value of someone else's revolver, or what it might be worth to you - I might have overpaid, myself. Look on Gunbroker and see what people are asking or selling for. I tracked item number 322115576 (still viewable today), and it sold for $510. The picture shows some holster wear and some imperfections (IMO) on the grip frame, and it doesn't mention timing.

Cosmetics aside, for me the DS's timing is the great part of its value. If the timing is off and you want it put right, it can cost you some bucks. Cylinder and Slide will fix it for $200, +/-, and they're backlogged out about nine months. So, what would a cosmetically perfect DS with timing problems be worth? I dunno. Cosmetically perfect with no timing problems would be worth more, though. To me a slight degradation in cosmetics would be preferable to a timing issue, especially if you plan on degrading it further by carrying it in a holster, as I plan to. Sorry I can't be more help.
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