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I would advise anyone with an LCR 22 to shoot their carry ammo in it, and make sure the world is Flat and Square.

I read alot and I also shoot a lot. My LCR 22 will lock up solid with Velocitors. Others seem to work fine with them. Stingers fire fine, but eject a little stiff, but not a problem.
I have not done any research to see if clean vs dirty has any impact on the Velocitors. Or if polishing the chambers might impact the sticking.
I am sure what is happening is the case is back thrusting into the recoil shield and staying tight against it. Since some work with Velocitors just fine, I think this can be ironed out. So far I have not rounded up all the potential carry ammo I can find and tested it for function.

This is not a negative comment about an LCR 22 at all. Just a heads up to make sure your ammo functions 100% before carrying it. Something we all should do with any carry handgun.

I have shot several bricks of 550 Federal through mine and love it.

I was talking about loading with Speed Strips in post #17 or #18 above.
I now have a couple Speed Beez Speed Loaders and a 4 Banger Loading Block. I am getting ready to have a custom kydex Double Speed Loader Carrier made for it for BUG Division reloads. Besides being a ball to shoot, it is also cheap to feed.
Then the next thing my 442 Pro Moon Clip accuracy has really improved. You can get accurate with a 2" J Frame.

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