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Crossdraw holster

I realized recently that I had nothing in which to carry my K, L and N-frame revolvers were I to want to strap one on, and I decided to pick up this Hunter crossdraw holster for $30. It is sturdy although the leather is a bit stiff and it is unfinished inside. All the guns seem to fit pretty well from my 4" K-frame Model 64 to my 6" N-frame Model 629. The strap is adjustable (with a hidden velcro anchor) to accommodate the bigger guns. It seems to offer good freedom of movement and an easy position from which to draw while staying fairly tight to the body.

Does anyone have any pros or cons to consider for this type of holster, or for this one in particular? I also considered shoulder holsters but they seemed complicated, the feedback I had raised concerns about comfort and sizing, and they were somewhat more expensive.

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