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Not trying to be sensational here, but I see there is again an active discussion in the media of Obama using executive order in addition to laws passed.. I tried to see if this was a new statement or just a rehash of the same old same old... I was not able to find a new statement on it so maybe its just a rehash..

For myself "IF" executive order was used for such a thing I think the courts would strike it fast, we cannot have a dictator style order, which is effectively what such a order would be if it was not a interpretation of law. Much to wait and see about and not too worked up about but writing and calling or reps is certainly a great idea... If nothing else, I think this particular discussion shows clearly the level of fear concerning how our current system is working....

I think its important that we are not blindly fearful... Be active, educate and participate, don't panic over a executive order that's not written and in reality cannot stand on its own merit; if it was written as some new law... We have checks and balances for a reason and no office has unlimited power..
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