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I'm thinking about buying a bunch of Imperial and dumping it in a crock pot so I can heat it up and just dip the cases in there to lube them. As BigD says, if a little works......

Seriously, I've been using Imperial about 20 years now and it's the cat's meow. I don't see any need to use anything else.

My "formula" when I'm loading a lot of 5.56 or 7.62 is to put about 200 pieces of brass in a 9 x 13 baking pan I "liberated" from the wife's kitchen, smear a generous amount of Imperial on my hands, and just rub the brass pretty thoroughly, then move on to the next pan. I can usually do 2 pans, maybe 3, without having to go back for more lube, and this way it's faster and easier for me. Not every case gets lube, but it's only necessary to hit about half of the cases anyway. And I never stick a case any more.

I'm on my second tin of Imperial in those 20 years, and I've probably reloaded somewhere north of 100,000 rounds with these 2 tins. Economical enough for me.
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