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Never used it.

I use the Dillon case lube that comes in a spray bottle. I commandeered and old cookie sheet from the wife several years back strictly for case lubing. Lay the cases out flat on the sheet, give a couple of sprays of the Dillon case lube, roll the sheet around to get good distribution and wait about 5 minutes. After that, load away.

In that waiting period I'm usually filling up the primer tube for the progressive or setting up dies on the single stage. I've never had a problem with stuck cases, the lube is cheap and lasts a long time and is easy to do.

Once I'm done loading, loaded rounds go on a towel and get a shot of non CFC brake parts cleaner. Wrap the towel up around the rounds, roll them around a bit and let them sit for about 5 minutes. Shiny, clean and completely devoid of any lube on the surface and ready to shoot.
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