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Hello all. My name is Marc and I've been reloading and casting my own bullets since I was 13 years old. (I'm now 61). I used to own a gun shop on the west coast and bought direct from most manufactures. We were the largest distributor of Hornaday Products, Winchester Rifles and Ammo west of the Mississippi River.I stockpiled a lot of stuff before retiring and am shocked as to the prices nowdays. For example we used to sell primers for 69 cents!
I have a small (compared to some) collection of firearms. My favorite ones are my Contender which I have barrels ranging from a 22 Hornet to a 454 Casull Mag. My favorite rifles are my 220 swift, 257 Roberts and my 50-140 Sharps.
Most of the gun powder I have in my magazine isn't made anymore, but I have a wealth of info on what I do have and can help those that have some of these older powders and I'm sure that I'll learn new things here too.
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