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Unless the wall of the cylinder is very thin, a 5 shot .40S&W cylinder will be thicker than a 5 shot .38spl. Just something to consider since you want to pocket carry. I'd personally handle one in a store before making a decision than buying it online.

ETA: As far as Taurus revolvers go, I've yet to handle one NIB that dosn't have timing issues with lead shavings on the cone from the factory test fire and/or each notch has a graduated amount of play when in full lock-up. What I mean is the first notch might be okay and by the 5th or 6th notch (depending on capacity) it's as loose as a S&W or Ruger revolver that's had 10,000 rounds through it.

If you'll be looking at Taurus, make sure to look at them closely.
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