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I saw a Saiga at the last gun show for $375. Just looking at the parts in the pic, I'd say it would run about $575.
Good luck finding a new unconverted Saiga for that price these days.

A little over a month ago (prior to the currrent run on firearms) I saw 7.62x39mm Saigas (over)priced at $549 and $499 at a gun show.

I was finally able to pick one up for $470 at a local gun store about two weeks ago. That's the absolute cheapest price I could find (considering that you can't find them on the internet anymore).

For about $180 (conversion kit from CSS and bullet guide kit + a few tools), I was able to do a basic AK conversion on it (pistol grip/stock, conversion to use standard AK mags, kept Saiga forearm).

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