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Do you have a preference for da/sa, striker or hammer?

How about an alloy / metal frame vs polymer?

Here are the nines that I have had any experience with:

Brother's Glock G19 - liked the compact size and weight, didn't really enjoy the initial impression of shooting it, but I think with time I could warm up to it

Friend's FN FNP9 - instant winner, I cannot say enough good things about this pistol and recommend it highly

My SIG Sauer P226 (old German one, holster wear, no rail) - bought it used. Liked the mechanicals from day one but didn't warm up to shooting it until I found the right grips. Now, I doubt I'd trade it for anything at any price

Friend's Ruger P(89?) slightly older da / sa anyway... enjoyed firing this one. Nice feel and mild recoil

All above were purchased under the $500 mark, I believe the P226 is the only one to pass the "limp wrist test" which simulates defensive fire while injured.
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