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To SIGSHR, I had totally forgotten that the M14 would take the stripper clip. It's only been 45 years since I got out, so why didn't I remember that?

To James K., my comment was for the present day owners of those old rifles, not about field use in WWII. There was some use of captured ammuntion, along with the weapons that used them but that probably didn't happen much in the Pacific. In the European theater, some captured weapons were quite prized for their utility beyond their trophy value as long as the ammunition held out. For most of the war, British armored vehicles, but not those supplied by the U.S., used 7.92mm Mauser ammunition but not because they could rely on using captured ammuntion.

I think I have at home some clips made for 7.5 French, 7.92 Mauser, 6.5 Swedish and maybe something else but I don't have rifles for any of those calibers anymore. They're close in size but usually not close enough. They may interchange one way but not the other, meaning cartridges for one caliber will fit and (maybe) work in a clip meant for a different cartridge but not the other way round.
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