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they don't make them to take off... & getting my "raging" barrel off the gun was really difficult ( I think they use a thread locker ) in a couple times, I think the gun would be unserviceable...

but I do have a switch barrel, using a Dan Wesson barrel shroud ( the guns are really close, & only minor machining was needed ) with the Dan Wesson barrel shroud, you need to have new barrels threaded in the Taurus thread size & pitch, on the gun end, & the Dan Wesson barrel nut theads on the muzzle end... with this set up, you could in essense make a "raging" pistol pak like Dan Wesson has, with any number of barrel lengths...

mine was not a 454 Casull, but rather a Raging Hornet... I didn't like the 10" full under lug barrel ( it was very muzzle heavy ) I picked up a stainless 6" barrel shroud, & replaced the 10" slower twist Hornet barrel, with a 6" 1 in 9" chunk of 223 barrel for a fast twist 22 Hornet... love the gun in this set up...

you can do a search for Dan Wesson pistol paks, to see how versitile they can be, & here is a link to the thread of that gun build, if you need to see some pics of what I'm talking about
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