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I second what idashot1k says- I also have a Axis in a 243. It is also a very accurate rifle. You can't go wrong with a Savage for sure. Your heavy barrel rifle will heat up slower,but take longer to cool. 6 of one half dozen of the other. You pick. As for your scope- I am on the more power side myself. I like to shoot tiny groups at a long distance. Like i said, The 9 power scope did me no good at all.
Check out Muller scopes-$240.00 gets you a 8-32 x 44. I am very impressed with mine so far. Crisp,Clear and passed the box test very well.

idashot1k- nice to hear about your 25-06. I have room for one more rifle in my safe and it has been a toss up between the Axis in a 25-06 or a 7MM-08. Looks like maybe 25-06 is the way to go.
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