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I have used Imperial for years, don't even remeber when I started but I know what I started using it with, and that was a 1K batch of .308 brass which had been fired through MG's. I tried everything I had on hand, spray, pad lube, you name it I stuck a case with it. After getting the ISW I ran through the rest of those cases with nary a one sticking.

Also used the Kiwi as well. We were out of town for a week, and I had brought my loading stuff to work up a few loads in a couple of rifles. I brought everything but case lube. Did a quick (relatively speaking for he dial up we have there) search on the net and had the wife pick me up a can of Kiwi when she went to town. It worked like a charm.

I have tumbled mine clean and also used a plastic paint bucket with denatured alcohol in it both to remove the lube. With the alcohol, I simply dumped in half a bucket of cases and poured in enough alcohol to cover them. Put the lid on and give a few shakes, and a roll or two, then pour off the alcohol into another container. The alcohol can be used several times before you might start to see a residual film on the cases from the lube. Once there I have added in about a small marble sized dab of either the Kiwi or ISW to it and used it for spray lube in one of those hand pump squirt bottles. I only use the spray on large batches of pistol cases though, I am sure if the concentration was right it could be used on rifle as well. I just cannot bring myself to stick a case just to find out.
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