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Somehow this moved from full auto weapons to tanks and jets and bombers.
One in the United States what individual would you think rich enough to amass a force of tanks or jets or bombers, keep it running, buy munitions and fuel for it for any length of time? What would one do with it? Rob a bank? Mug the locals? Not much chance of getting away with it in a tank. Not a lot of drive bys and bad drug deals being settled on the street with tanks and F22 Raptors.
Nobody really but the government can afford to have modern war machines like that anyway in any numbers that count for any use they would be good for. Not like some radical farmer can hide a submarine in his stock pond either. That sort of thing pretty much regulates itself just on practicalities.

Back to the OPs question or closer to it. Regulation of full auto is like regulation of any other reasonably portable firearm. If the BGs want them they get them. Its the whole downfall of the regulation. Only folks that will follow the regulation are affected by it. So the BGs outgun the good guys. By law.
If a citizen wants full auto weapons he should be able to get one at the hardware store. If said citizen commits a crime with it then jail him execute him depending on what he did and by the commission of that crime he pretty much did away with his own rights to much of anything anyway as far as weapons go.
However turn that same person loose depending on the blessed regulations to keep him from getting another weapon of choice? If he wants he will get it and do it again and no reg is gonna stop him.
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