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A 357 can do anything a 41 can do, does that make it the equal of the 44 also?
I'd dispute the claim that the .357 can do anything the .41 can do. Not unless you push the .357 really hard and compare against factory .41 loads.

I believe it was Evan Marshall, the one stop shot guy, who used to carry a .41 on duty, as he expected it to be a great performer.

IIRC, he wrote that it did NOT live up to his expectations in the one or two shootings in which he was involved with it.
That may be. Of the slightly more than half dozen incidents I've read about, it's done well. The sample is really too small to say that it deserves a 75% rating with only 6/8 shootings needing one shot. Still, it bodes well. I have high confidence that anyone who is a recipient won't want to keep playing.

Someone else mentioned buying a 10mm instead of the .41 Mag. Not a bad choice if you can stock up on the higher performing ammo like the Hornady 180gr XTP.
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