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Hi, My name is Alex, I live in Las Vegas. I think I am a bit older than most posters on this forum. I have been around guns all of my life. My wife and family and I spent most of our lives in Montana. I accumulated a few fire arms.I am partial to a S/W 44 Special for my carry gun,and used a Winchester 338 for most of my big game hunting.Also used everything from a 22 hornet, on up.I have one rifle I am partial to it started life as a 6.5X54 Manlicher. When I got it I sent it to P.O.Akley in Salt Lake to be re-barreled, then had a fancy stock made for it Iron work done by Beasley in Spokane, Trigger from Tinsley, I have mounted a 4 power Balfour Scope.Don't do much hunting now, too damn old, but I used to reload for all of my pistols and riflles.I am still interested in what is coming down the road

I enjoy The Firing Line, and have been a lurker for quite a while.
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