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I'm glad there are other strongly pro gunners out there that understand the necessity of the line. We can have different opinions of where the line should be, but there does need to be one. I've seen a little side-stepping of the issue in this very thread-- Most pro gunners would not argue that felons or minors should own firearms. Others disagree, and say "shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed".

My personal belief is there should be absolutely NO restrictions on a law abiding person to own a weapon they can keep and bear. Period.
There are restrictions built directly into this statement. "Law abiding". The 2nd amendment says nothing about law abiding, doesn't specify misdemeanors or felonies, nor does it have age requirements. So you actually do draw a line. Not to pick on you, but I think the point needs to be made. Most pro 2A people do agree with some regulations even though none are enumerated specifically in the Constitution.

There are a few people who feel that any restriction of any kind cannot be conceded, because it creates precedence for the erosion of the 2nd amendment. I think that while we should be vigilant in this regard, the right of an individual to bear arms is not unlimited, just like the freedom of speech is not unlimited.

The right to swing your fist ends where the next man's nose begins. There has to be a line. Otherwise, a 7 year old could own a landmine and a billionaire could have an arsenal of ICBMs and a fleet of stealth bombers.

Both of those scenarios are unacceptable, and should be completely illegal for any reason (although if you ask enough people at the gun show, some buffoon will tell you why you're wrong). As you move down the spectrum (and I'm not sure if that spectrum should be classified as "comfort of the American public", or something else), you move into the realm of "legal, but heavily regulated" (currently full auto, silencers, transferring firearms across state lines), then to virtually unregulated (private sales, possession of typical firearms, ammunition purchases).

We are never going to agree completely on where the line should be. We just need to come to a consensus. The Fed is trying to move the line. For starters, let's do everything we can to keep it where it is.
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