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Depending on your grip and hand size felt recoil with a single action should be less than either the autopistol or the double action.
The single action bucks and rolls with muzzle rise that would be a problem with a first follow up with a double action, but the roll back and up absorbs recoil that would otherwise be directed into the web and palm.
The 1911 recoil operation does slow down the transmission of recoil to the hand, which reduces felt recoil, but almost all is directed straight back into the web, with much less muzzle rise.
The modern double action is more of a saw handle than a plow handle, and while very well designed for full control and rapid recovery, directs more unrestrained recoil into the hand. The price you pay for controlability with rapid follow up.

In the end recoil impulse is the same with all, its just how it is transmitted.
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