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You guys have to remember that stock is slowly drying up and those who have them will sell at a big profit. Inflation and supply are a bitch...

I happily paid $175 for my M44 a year ago, and $140 for my 91/30 about 6months ago. The days of $100 or less Mosins are gone. I do not think they will really come back down to the low prices before. Remember, its always inflation that gets us. If you can find them that cheap, buy it asap.

FWIW Mosins are excellent rifles, for the price and age. You can't compare them to a modern bolt action that is 3x its cost or more. These rifles have stood the test of time, most of them being more than 60yrs old.

Schuyler, if you find them for $175 just suck it up and buy it. You can only find them cheaper on a FTF sale, never in a shop or gun show.
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