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Arisaka Rifling Question

I recently slugged the barrel of my T99 Arisaka. The bore is brite, of course, as it should be with chrome, and the rifiling is visible. However, when I inspected and mic'd the slug, the land and groove impressions were barely visible. It's difficult to estimate how much the rifle was shot and cleaned back in the day using a steel cleaning rod. The rifle is complete, all original, and in very good condition overall. My question: Back in the day, were the lands and grooves in T99s "standard" or were they "micro," for a lack of better description? Did the Japs figure that since the bores were chromed, the lands and grooves didn't to be the standard depth/height? Or did they lose some of that in the chroming process? Maybe I just have a heavily shot/cleaned/worn bore. Woudn't guess that from the condition of the rest of the rifle. BTW, at 50 yards it's a great shooter for iron sights and my old eyes, and that is shooting .310 bullets out of a bore that slugged at .312.

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