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Looking at it the wrong way....

It is NOT a case of needing to be a tree that bends in the wind, which automatically assumes the anti's arguments (the wind) are inevitable and overpowering.

What it is, is a case of throwing yet another baby out of the sleigh, in the hopes the wolves will eat and go away.

They will eat. Gladly. But they do not go away.

And knowing that you will feed them, only makes them more aggressive and hungry.

Now, some of the babies that have already been eaten have been our flesh and blood, and dear to us, because of it. And we still suffer from their loss.

We are well past the point of expendable relatives. And even if you still have someone you are willing to throw to the wolves, I no longer do. And furthermore I am unwilling to allow you to be thrown out, on principle. Nor, will I jump out to save you. Because it wouldn't work, anyway.

No matter what argument you come up with for lightening the sleigh, the fact is that our horses cannot run faster than the law allows. And those who are urging "compromise" are simply ignoring the reality in the hopes that they won't be the next one out of the sleigh. False hopes, but stong and sincere ones.

There are other analogies involving wolves, and the wolves know them. That is why they are in such a hurry to eat us, before other factors can come into play.
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