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Oh trust me, I know it happens. I was around the Corps long enough to notice that many units did things different than other units. My battalion preferred to send Sgts who had just simply stuck around long enough to pick up but weren't fit to lead to an S-shop and were usually made in charge of laundry or something. They usually got kicked out of rifle units quick, and if they were so fit for duty that many Lance's were trusted above them then the Co 1stSgt would find a way to bust them down or get them gone. I've seen it go differently in other units. I've also been a Lance and tell E-6s what they would and would not do in theater. Officers as well. Of course, they were specialists in their area... but were on patrol with me in my playground/area of specialty. That doesn't work so well when your a young Sgt and you tell your CO what to do on patrol. I was right in that one instant, but he still didn't appreciate it.
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