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I've owned 709 and 740Slim

Never had any issues with mine. I've owned them both within the last 2years. I bought the 740Slim first (used) to replace a problematic PF9, but it was too snappy for such a small pistol that I sold it and bought a new 709. Both pistols did not have any type of malfuction whatsoever.

The only minor issues is the small grip and unconventional trigger feel, but I'm nitpicking there. and this is coming from a guy who loves XD's, M&P's, and most recently Glocks.

I have never owned a Taurus, and I never will. Everyone I know that has owned one had problems. Mainly jamming and stove piping.
You may not know enough people. Not all Taurus firearms are that bad, although they do get a bad rep. They are not the best, but not the worst either. Keltec and Hipoint, among others, are below Taurus in quality and reliability.
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