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Too much never happens

Right now the anti-gun folks are assaulting our rights. It is vile, un-American and needs to be stopped immediately. With the recent incidents by people with deranged thoughts, we are then being told categorically we are deranged for having these firearms. To be honest, they want us de-ranged, de-gun show, and de-gun ownership.

Because the battle is strong right now, as these vicious, heartless people pray on the slaying of children by a maniac and point that at each of us that own an ar or m type modern sporting rifle are just a finger pull from doing the same thing, we need to unit.

All of this talk is good. All of the debate is fine. But the fact is, we are the strongest and most determined members in our country. We are prepared to defend each and every one of ourselves, our families, and if need be, I would defend the people trying to pry the gun from my hands, because that is truly what an American does ( and did ).

I heard the most recent argument that they would like us to register every firearm (knowing it would be for some day when they want to confiscate) and that parents have the right to know if their children are coming into our homes whether there is a gun in there. That's ridiculous. I don't know any gun owner that just leaves their weapons laying around loaded and ready for a kid to pick up. Besides, whatever happened to asking, whatever happened to also asking if there are video games available and booze available (not that these two inanimate objects make people use them inappropriately, I'm just trying to be as ridiculous as our opponents). Somehow, we're the criminal element, when we are obviously better people because we passed a background check to get our guns.

Nuff said.
The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. ~ Samuel Adams ~
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