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WVSig, I carry the P7 in an Andrews Leather MacDaniel IWB. It is different from the other MacDaniels in that the leather flanges to rearward of the barrel of the holster near the muzzle end, and the belt attachment point is further forward at the top. This rig tucks and stabilizes the P7 beautifully.
Yeah I carried mine in a Milt Sparks for a while but I never really warmed up to it. In reality I keep it because I got a great deal on one of the grade A Saxony guns from a few years back. I take it out and shoot it every now and then. I love the engineering and the craftsmanship that went into it but it is not one of my favorite 9mms.

When I carry a 9mm these days its a Kahr PW9 or my go to pistol a Custom BHP.

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