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I suppose it depends on who they are to you. Close friends will probably already know you carry, and thus asking wouldn't be an issue.

Acquaintances, on the other hand, may not know. Depending on how much you value their companionship, you may be inclined to ask so as not to offend someone that may become a close friend.

You can't always count on people to act like adults with common sense. (why call it common sense when it's not that common?) I guess it depends on the situation and the people you're visiting.

Perhaps if you phrase the question correctly, you may be able to convince just about anyone to let you in with no problems. Something along the lines of 'As a responsible and law abiding gun owner, I feel I should ask if you would be made uncomfortable by me carrying my pistol whilst visiting with you.'

As long as you are respectful, a normal person shouldn't ban you from their home. but given the current political climate, I wouldn't count on people being normal and rational.

On the other hand, as long as it's concealed effectively, what the eye doesn't see the heart won't feel.
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