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If you are looking for 1911 like trigger than you need to stick with 1911s.... LOL there is nothing on the market that will have that same feel.

I agree with MLeake that the Kahr trigger could not be more different than a 1911 trigger. It is not a bad trigger but it is more like a DAO Revolver trigger. DA/SA are completely different animals and even the best SA action on DA/SA guns are not 1911 like IMHO.

A BHP even thought it is a double stack. You would have to go used and I would suggest swapping out hammer & sear on them to make them perform up to their potential. This will be hard to do under $700 but it can be done. I have picked up nice BHPs for under $600.

I would look hard at the STI and the RIA 9mms but if you are looking to carry the STI I would swap out the sights. I am not a fan of adjustables on a carry gun.

Also those who are suggesting a HK PSP are not reading the thread they are just posting their favorite gun without looking at your criteria. LOL I personally hate carrying the PSP it is butt heavy but many people love them. If you could find one under $700 buy it because you could more than likely resell it for $900.... LOL
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