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Son of Sam- "I'm a born again Christian"
Charles Manson was known to frequently quote the Bible.
Jim Jones, a Reverend.

Since some nutjobs abused the Bible, I should be prejudiced against someone ready and willing to accept Christ? That's what I hear when you say gamers should stay away from guns, just because some nutjob killers were gamers.

Maybe you are ok with the face of "The Joker" anodized onto an AR. Or, perhaps we should shut up and not worry about an AK with pictures of dead children painted on the stock? It's just freedom of expression, right? No different than zombies, X-men, or Ninja Turtles on guns, right?

Yes, yes, yes and correct. It's definitely not my taste, but I'm not going to get my britches bunched over whatever's etched into a rifle stock.

I have Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son" in my office- a ghastly depiction of a vicious and violent event.
I like gory horror & zombie flicks.
I played the hell out of some Mortal Kombat as a kid.
But even though I'm a teacher, a father, borderline pacifist, a safety nut, and devout Christian, maybe I should stay on my couch and avoid guns, for my love of violent art & games.

I only look down on gun owners who refuse to learn to handle them safely.
Proverb for Paranoids: The innocence of the Creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master. -T. Pynchon
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