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Guns in Natl PARKS are generally prohibited. Guns in Natl Forests are generally allowed, depending on what hunting seasons are open and regulations will vary...
That was changed about 2 years ago. If you have a valid carry permit in the state where the NP is located you can now carry guns in NP's. They are not allowed inside Federally owned buildngs, but in the outdoors, yes.

I carried a NEF 20 ga youth gun with a 22" mod choked barrel as a woods bumming / camp gun. Handy little gun.
For woods bumming, yes, for backpacking, no way any shotgun is going to be worth the weight. The goal is to keep everything down to 35-40 lbs. A shotgun with ammo is 8- 10 lbs. and takes up a huge amount of space in a pack that would be better used for other gear and food. When you start walkng 15-20 miles day after day, you quickly understand how useless that extra weight is. I will compromise on a 1.5 lb handgun.
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