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Interesting way to rig up something to measure neck tension, and consistency.

Then, to figure out how much is necessary to avoid bullet movement...

Caveat to semi shooters... more is safer...

Somewhat related (not much, but interesting nonetheless), an AR manufacturer recommended cannellured bullets, CRIMPED, for use in the .300 chamberings (Blackout, Whisper) for that platform.

Apparently, not too uncommon for someone to shove a clip of .30 cal into a .223/5.56 rifle...

A heavily crimped round (with a ton of neck tension) is more likely to alert the shooter that his bolt's not closing without the forward assist. A lightly seated bullet will just get shoved into the case, compressing the load and causing quite a "moment" for the shooter, and the rest of the firing line.

No doubt, rough handling of ammo, banging around in the clips, is the reason for the really heavy pullout (or, shove-in) requirements of the military ammo.
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