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Biden is about to meet with the NRA...
Among "others" for his "committee"...

What's REALLY disgusting about the whole thing is that the "Committee's" report is due AT THE END OF THIS MONTH.

Now, sorry about this Democrats...

But, only a Democrat could believe such a serious, and COMPLICATED issue as causes/effects of gun violence could be summed up by Papa Joe with a couple of meetings over a few weeks time.

What a sadly politicized JOKE...

And, it's going to be because of this rush to do "something", effective or not, that the House (and who knows, maybe even the Senate) will table this for a good long while for further study, as they should.

Natch, every study- even those by anti-gun groups- showing the prior AWB had negligible, if any, effect- will never see the light of day.

As horribly tragic as the Connecticut shootings were, most Americans (excluding the rabid anti-gunners) are able to separate fact from fiction.

The polls still show limited support for additional gun regulations, and support enforcement of existing regs.

Won't be too long before I'll be able to buy the lowers I wanted at a reasonable price again.
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