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Originally Posted by MLeake
Not to mention that studies have not shown positive correlation between violent video games and violent behavior, in much the same way that studies have not shown a correlation between adult entertainment and sexual assault.
True. And Glenn has weighed in with very good evidence about how violent video games aren't to blame as well, however, what gets me is that dumping half full mags is something "gamers" do, often in thier games. The game mechanics are such that half full mags get magically refilled from your aviable ammo stash and allow you to do "tacitcal reloads" without wasting ammo. That was just very striking to me for some reason.

That being said, and to veer back to topic, I think the gamer segment of America and the gun owning segment could learn alot from this and try to spread the word about how we aren't all mass killers.

And part of that would be buy avoiding gun shops, like the OP described.

My LGS* is run by an old Southern gentleman and his family. With the exceptiong of his wife, who is a bit ornery to everybody, and the pretty granddaughters who work the registers*, he is as friendly and kind to me and Pop, who have shopped there for a combined fifty odd years as to a first time customer regardless of race. That is the image we need to project.

* He also stocks the Zombie Hunter stuff. Interestingly enough, I saw him recommend it to somebody eafter the panic buying because he was out of .223 hunting ammo.

*That may just be because they didn't like my akward middle school boy attempts at flirting.
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