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I did see 7.62 x 54 around. Got a Dragunov
No, but I have 2 Mosin Nagants . x54R ammo is still plentiful at gun shows and even in some sporting stores.

I went to my LGS (Shoot Straight) Jan 4th to see their stock. Surprisingly they had AR mags in stock, but they were Thermold mags selling for $20. Glad to see they weren't gouging like others who are selling used GI mags for $30+. The only EBR's they had were M&P15-22's, and they had 3 of them for under $500.

Ammo-wise they actually had 223Rem but it was the Hornady HP for $26/box of 20 . At least they still had them and there were plenty.
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