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So we have to rely on dumb humans to control themselves and not shoot other humans.

You can't legislate stupid out of existence. A smart gun, if they existed, would only be as smart as the person that owns it.

So why smart guns sound like a great option to the average person, they won't stop any crimes simply because you call them smart. People do dumb things no matter how smart the technology is.

Banning assault weapons won't stop crime, nor will banning magazines, nor will a gun registry, nor will smart guns. A person motivated to commit a crime will do so not matter what law is put in place to stop him.

I find it very interesting that people push gun bans and restrictions while selling the idea that those acts will prevent further violent attacks. I also find it interesting that the Bath School disaster is never mentioned by any of them.

Evil will find a way. Law abiding citizens will obey the laws. Criminals won't. A gun free zone has never stopped a criminal from committing a crime and it never will. A smart gun is only as smart as its owner.
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