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And I reiterate, childish and tacky zombie stuff will get some antis to look down their noses at us and laugh. So what?
Antis are already against us regardless of they image we portray. Its the damage that a negative image does to those that are presently neutral to our cause that is the concern. Any thing that makes gun owners in general look irresponsible and foolish is not helping our cause.

You are buying into stereotypes too much.

But that's what folks do. Antis stereotype ARs as weapons of mass destruction. Many pro-gun folks stereotype antis as idiots. Some folks think all gamers are losers. While all can be correct, none are correct all the time, but folks still think that way. Adding fuel to a negative stereotype does nuttin' to help our image if we want to portray ourselves as responsible gun owners. Only way to defeat a negative image is to always display a positive one. While it may not change the minds of zealots, it may draw someone still undecided to our side. Those that are fairly neutral to guns are in the Majority. They are the ones that get swayed by Media blitzes after mass shootings. Not the hard core antis or pro gun folks. They are the folks that may or may not take away our guns in the future.
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