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I wouldn't have nearly the problem with the NFA and associated registry I do except for a couple of problems:

1) The registry is closed and pocession of an unregistered NFA is a felony. What happens to Grandma when she tries to turn in recently dead grandpa's full auto M-2 carbine he brought back from Korea in his duffel bag?

2) The BATFE isn't the most honest, competent, etc. arm of the Justice Department.

3) I dislike the government taxing something that isn't directly affecting commerce between the states. I should be able to buy a machine gun from a dealer in GA without paying a tax to Washington, D.C

4) The NFA was more of a measure to keep about a jillion Revenue Agents in work after they couldn't head up the holler after John Lee Pettymore anymore with the repealing of Prohibition

5) The fact that the NFA was the ultimate foot in the door Federal gun control law

6) The fact that FDR wanted to included pistols as NFA weapons.

Do I have a real interest in owning a full auto weapon? Not really other than wanting to own an M-4A1 like what I carried in the Sandbox. And hell, I just want to hang that up over that mantel so I can tell cool stories to my grandkids one day.

However, I have an intense dislike of the government telling me that I can't own said M-4A1 because it was made after 1986.
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