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Castor oil makes a great case lube. I've always wondered how it would work as a spray.

I bought a little 4 oz pump-spray bottle at Sally Beauty supply. Last night I filled it with 1/2 oz of castor oil and about 3.5 ounces of 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (I have some 99%, but since castor oil is soluble in alcohol I wanted to see if 91% would work because it's easier to find.) That's a 7:1 dilution. Both were at cold-basement temperature. I shook it up and it quickly dissolved, and I sprayed a few 9mm cases. When the alcohol smell was about gone, they felt a little greasy but that might be my imagination. I will see if they size any easier than unsprayed cases tonight.

I think 7:1 may be fine for lanolin but castor oil might need to be mixed a little richer.

This morning the solution was a little clearer (like tiny drops had been in suspension before and now they fully dissolved) and none of the oil settled out. Again, it was stored in a cold basement. Dillon Spray Lube separates a little at the same temperature and needs to be shaken before use. The solution is thin like water or straight alcohol. Not sure if I'm brave enough to try it as-is on .223 or .30-06 cases, but I should be able to get a good test using .30 Carbine brass and a carbide die. When I've used up a little, I will add another 1/2 oz of castor oil, making it roughly 3:1, and see if that still mixes completely and sprays OK.
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