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"Unfortunately, these views are based on the belief that no changes in gun laws will occur and that is niave."

As others have noted, there have been similar shortages before, and the 1992 to 1994 time frame was one of them.

Back then there were people making claims similar to the ones you're making, and they didn't come to pass then, either.

"The low hanging fruit the gun-grabbers will pursue is a total ban on Internet sales of ammo and ammo components, and a national gun register for all gun owners. I don't believe either of these measures require Congressional action and they could be forced down our throats by presidential executive orders issued by king Obama."

First off, your understanding of how laws are made in the United States, as the powers of the president to issue executive orders, is pretty seriously flawed.

ALL of those things would require Congressional action.

Secondly, more than a few of us are more than old enough to remember when mail order sales of ammo and powder was illegal. Sky didn't fall then.

Banning internet sale of inert components such as bullets would not only be very difficult, it very likely wouldn't survive a court challenge. Similar efforts at the state level have failed on legal challenge before.
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